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About HobStar Computing Solutions

I started HobStar CS several years ago initially to provide some of my work colleges and friends with support and training. From there I have branched out into designing and building websites and finally to provide services for hosting websites as well.

My main philosophy regarding computers is that "Everyone is good at something, just because you're not necessary a 'wizz' with computers doesn't mean that your stupid." My favourite mechanic once said that he was stupid because he needed help with his PC, I said to him "I can look under a car bonnet and be completely lost, but I know computers. Does that mean that I'm stupid?"

Every person can use computers, it is only a matter of confidence and a little bit of knowledge. Most people with little experience or exposure to computers experience fear or trepidation when using PC's. This is because they believe that they will "break the thing" or that if they press the wrong button that all the files on the computer will be sucked into a black hole.

Computers need not be scary, in fact, they can be very useful and even fun to use. I have included some PC Tips & Tricks in the HobStar section of my website that can ease the most common fears of computer users.

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