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My name is Paul Hobby, I was born 21/08/1981
I am married with two beautiful girls and another baby on the way.
I enjoy learning new things, at the moment I am expanding my Wiki Syntax knowledge and learning LINUX

PC History - Personal;

I have been around computers for as long as I can remember. My father had systems that included; Sinclair, Micro Bee, DOS, Windows 3.11 (work groups).
Since then I have seen computer go from having 2 Meg of RAM to 2+ Gig of RAM and for the RAM it's self to cost the same. (My father reminisces that he once save $100 to buy 1 Meg of RAM, by the time he had saved the money, he could buy 2 Meg of RAM for the same price)

PC History - Professional;

2002 Completed Retail Traineeship with Coles Supermarkets
2001 Completion of Diploma of Information Technology (Technical User Support)

Most Recent Position:
Level 0-1 Support for VLine, Connex and Veolia
June 19th 2008 to September 2008

Company Summary:

Alphawest provide end-to-end support and managed services to a wide range of companies. Support is provided on a 24 hr pr day, 365 day per year basis, with after hour and weekend support.

First point of phone and email contact
Be available to take calls at all times
Troubleshoot PC issues, providing Level 0-1 support
Escalate issue to appropriate team or person
Re-set user password and unlock accounts (Active Directory)
Logging all issues in ITSM
Follow up on issues allocated to myself and my team
Maintain documents on the Share Point site

Previous Position:
CURA Software Solutions
Support Consultant for BHP Billiton and Transurban
February 21st 2008 to May 16th 2008

Company Summary:

CURA is a global company with its head office situated in South Africa. The software package caters for risk management, compliance tracking and surveys. They have clients that include BHPB, Rio Tinto, Transurban and Western Power. The Australian support consists of 3 consultants that assist their specific clients and one dedicated support officer for both BHPB and Transurban.

Connecting to the BHPB system via VPN on a dedicated laptop and connecting to the Transurban system via secure VPN on work PC
Performing administration tasks on the server
Reviewing emails received from users world wide (BHPB)
Maintaining a 3 hour SLA for new issues
Logging completed issues and tracking open issues
Creating new users accounts
Importing contacts from the GAL (Global Address List)
Assisting users with reports
Resolving issues/errors in the system encounter by users
Maintaining documentation
Answering phone calls, assisting users via phone

Previous Positions:
FastTrack Software Professionals
Client Support Consultant Level 1
October 23rd 2006 to February 21st 2008

Company Summary:

FastTrack in a national, company with a view to go global, with over 600 Enterprise level and Desktop level clients providing recruitment software that also caters to payroll customers. The Support team consists of 10 people and receive an average of 1000 support requests a month.

Contacting client sites to diagnose software faults and assist with enquires
Logging helpdesk phone calls and emails, responding by phone or by email.
Prioritize issues based on severity and client
Managing workload
Provide support to all areas of business
Maintain documentation to ensure accurate and relevant information is provided to client’s
Liaise with Account Managers (sales) to ensure the highest possible, positive, client management
Maintaining reports and documents pertaining to client support
Escalating issues when required

Previous Positions:
Help Desk Support (Level 1 & 2) & Installer
POS Solutions Australia
Jan 17th 2005 to Oct 19th 2006

Company Summary:

POS Solutions is a national company with about 300 clients across Australia and provides a Point Of Sale software packaged tailored to Newsagencies and Pharmacies. The support team consists of 6 people and receives about 400 issues a month.


Contacting client sites to diagnose software faults and assist with enquires
Logging helpdesk phone calls and emails, responding by phone or by email.
SQL database management
Prioritize issues based on severity and client
Providing on-site training, software installation/ upgrades, hardware installation, data conversion

Full-Time Computer Technician (SSO 1) at Northland Secondary College, Preston East
2003-2004, 17th of December

Company Summary:

Northland Secondary College is a Government funded, Koori focused, public High School. It has a Windows PC population of 200 Windows PC’s and a MAC PC population of 50.

Maintain all computers and laptops (PC & MAC) for both student and teacher
Maintain user accounts, create new user accounts (Active Directory)
Trouble shoot hardware issues (PC & MAC)
Provide software support and assistance for a wide range of programs for both students and teachers
Maintain/ assist in using printer, photo copiers, LAN, overhead projectors, USB disks

Full-Time Retail Trainee
Coles Supermarkets, Preston
2002 - 2003

Casual I.T Technician
Bundoora Secondary College, Bundoora
2001 - 2002

Store Hand/ Point Of Sale
Andre’s IGA Supermarket, Watsonia
1997- 2001

1996 Records Management CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Current Projects;

Have installed and am running Fedora (LINUX)

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