Adding 'bare bones' of the site

  • Added 'Tabs' to the Welcome page and Website Building & Hosting. Looks good but to change the colours I will need to learn CSS.
  • Added 'Site Map' to tabs in Welcome page.
  • Added additional pages to the Forum, finally got the Website Building & Hosting to display a newly added GoogleDoc Form to display next to an existing Form I had made. (Special thanks goes to Helmuti_pdorfHelmuti_pdorf for all his help on that one. I now understand tables much better.)
  • Welcome to the first member 'Miko41' thanks for signing up.
  • Added page Pages For YOU where you can add your own pages and have a bit of fun. Go on! Give it a go.
  • Working on "Site Bread Crumbs" for better navigation.
  • Completed 'Bread Crumbs'
  • Improved navigation by adding pages for HobStar Computing Solutions and Personal Computing that list all child pages with descriptions
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