It's been a long time between site news updates. I have been very busy with the arrival of my third daughter and also trying to get some things fixed up on the site as well.

  • Special welcomes go to our newest members RobElliottRobElliott and Steve WilliamsSteve Williams. Rob has been instrumental in the development and application of the new theme currently under construction. Rob has taught me a lot about CSS and also motivated me to 'step-up' my CSS learning. Steve is a prodigy with DreamLinux so stay tuned for some very interesting pages on different operating systems, especially Linux related ones.
  • As previously mentioned, a new theme is currently being implemented. Please be patient as this process is completed, comments and suggestions are welcome.
  • PC Software is up and running. New software being added soon, 9 NEW categories also coming soon (see here to suggest one)
  • A new episode of "Super Mario Brothers Z" is available in the Flash Theater
  • Website Building & Hosting now has correct prices ($AUD), better layout for existing customers to come soon.
  • I have created the Hob-Blog. here I will be presenting lessons on how to complete tasks that will help you to become more familiar with your PC.
  • Also, watch out for Video Tutorials which will start to pop up around the site soon.
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