It's been quiet lately on HobStar. I've been busy growing the 'local' support I offer for people who live in Melbourne and have been setting a new site for supporting people outside of the Melbourne area. A few thing have been added and there is lots to come.


  • New Forum Structure.
    • Different sections for different OS's

Check it out at the forum to get involved.

Now Supporting;

  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Linux; Fedora 10, DreamLinux, Mint & more to come
  • MAC; OS X

Coming Soon

  • Dropbox integration for HobStar users
  • Clean-Up scripts to automate cleaning of your PC
  • New design for the PC Software page (using tabs)
  • LOTS of new free software listed
  • A HobStar sister site, HobStarCS Support, which will be a paid subscription site with Documentation on every possible topic for Windows, Linux and Mac. How-To videos, tutorials and much more. As well as providing support that are not close enough for me to travel to
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