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The Macintosh operating system is made by the well known apple inc. based in southern California. the operating system was first produced in 1984 and has been in production untill today with the most recent one coming out on August 28, 2009. since 1984 MAC has gone through two major phrases. the first phrase being the Classic Mac and the and the current OS X (10.0 - now). on march 23, 2001 apple released its next generation of operation systems, the X generation (X being the roman numeral for 10) featuring the new Aqua interface and the new way to organize apps, The Dock. the first version was 10.0 a.k.a Cheetah. when first released it was sluggish and slow, so users of it where freely upgraded to 10.1 Puma. this version improved many of the problems of the first version, but was still plagued with many bugs and problems. next came the OS X 10.2 or Jaguar. jaguar was major improvement to both the previous versions and was generally well received by mac users. the next release 10.3 Panther introduce many of the features seen today such as the meatal brushed finder, textEdit, Expose, and Preview. the next version of the operating system was until recently the most used and most stable of all the operating system. newly introduced in 10.4 or tiger was the dashboard widgets were, with a click of a button, bring up tools, games, utilities and most one you screen. next came leopard or OS X 10.5. this version of the os contained many enhancements such as core improvements, a reflective dock, and stacks. next and current OS is the snow Leopard or 10.6. this operating system doesn't have very many visual changes over leopard but features many internal improvements.

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