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MoonAV (Anti-Virus) is a Microsoft only version of Clam AV. This software is smokin'. Because it is based on an Open Source Programme, it is well developed and it definately catches the flies. MoonAV is very very simple to see and use. No complicated crap. There are NO efforts to sell you anything either. It is truly Open Source. I have previous experience with ClamAV, so I gave it a try and I love it so much, I install it on ALL customers computers. When you get a nag screen, you know the virus is REAL. Thats why this software is an "11" !
Once you try MoonAV, you'll dump the other AV stuff forever. I did.
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11/10 No via SourceForge Rolling upgrade. Updates every hour.
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Personal Comments Barracuda NETWORKS IS BEING SUED FOR USING THE ClamAV v. OF IT. You Can Veiw the ScreenShots Below. If What I said already is confusing, then you should use it because it is utilised by the true proffessionals. To me the wording of the law suit explains exactly that. -
There is no excuse to have paid software. Even worse is having inferior paid software. Norton and Avast are good, I've used them both. Still why in the world would you wanna use a lesser product then pay for it ? esp. when they have viruses written for them ? I spent 13 hours removing a virus from Avast on a 15 year old kids computer. That not just nuts, thats plain stupid. He now has MoonAV.
It is simply the best there is, and Trend Micro is now mad because they released it under the GPL and now CAN'T get paid for it.
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