PC Tips & Tricks

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Golden Rules:
1. Don't be afraid of computers. - Even though it often does seem like it, PC's are designed to make your life easier. If your PC causes you nothing but grief, then keep reading.

2. You can't "break a computer." - Under normal use and conditions, you can NOT break a computer. Obviously this does not include getting frustrated and throwing your system box out a window, but before that happens, contact me. :). There are, however, things that can go wrong with software programs and Operating Systems which can have the poitential to seem like natural disasters within your PC. A few simple steps (which will be covered further down this page) to take to protect againts these disasters and provide a seance of security with your precious data.

3. Backup your files. - Should disaster strike your PC, there is the potiential for a lot of damage. Personal files, photos

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