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Welcome to my list of PC software that I personally have installed on my computer.

I love free stuff!! Who doesn't? Freeware is just that, free software. It is often created by small teams of developers or as a free version of a professional option for that same software. e.g ….

Open Source is even better than Freeware. It is often a fully functional piece of software that is completely free. There are even Open Source operating system and alternatives to programs like Microsoft Office. e.g ….

Please find below a list of (I believe) useful, fun or interesting software for you computer. All links used below are the same ones I have used to view or download these programs.

1. All programs listed are FREE to download and use and are full version of the programs. However, some of the programs also have a 'Paid Option' which means that you can pay money to have more features.
2. If you click on a 'Download Link' the program will start to download (or ask where to be saved depending on your browser settings)
3. Although I have used and tested each of these programs, it is your responsibility to protect your PC against threats and viruses. (See also AVG, SpyBot and Ad-aware)

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Google SketchUp


Google SketchUp Create and manipulate 3D models
I intend to create a 3D map of my house soon, will post the result.
My Rating: Important Note Pay For More? Start Download Home Page Latest Version Entry Last Updated
8/10 None Yes Coming Soon Coming Soon Date here Date Here
Coming Soon - HCS Support Members user guide

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