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Welcome to my list of PC software that I personally have installed on my computer.

I love free stuff!! Who doesn't? Freeware is just that, free software. It is often created by small teams of developers or as a free version of a professional option for that same software. e.g ….

Open Source is even better than Freeware. It is often a fully functional piece of software that is completely free. There are even Open Source operating system and alternatives to programs like Microsoft Office. e.g ….

Please find below a list of (I believe) useful, fun or interesting software for you computer. All links used below are the same ones I have used to view or download these programs.

3D Modelling Audio and Video Backup & Restore Browsers Capture CD & DVD Desktop Documents/ Office File System

Games Imaging/ Photos Optimizing Other/ Misc PC Audit PC Maintenance PC Protection Productivity Worth Buying

Suggest new software for me to test/ include

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