Website Building & Hosting

Custom made Websites and Hosting

Have you ever wanted to have your own website? Perhaps you're thinking of starting your own business? Or you want a website to promote an existing business? What ever your needs, I can tailor make a website that will fulfill all of you needs.

The most important aspect of a new website is YOU! What you want out of your new website is what I am going to give you. Through discussions, we will arrive at exactly what it is you want to achieve from your website and then you get exactly that.

Why choose HobStar for you website?

I can provide you with;

- Domain Name Hosting -, and many more types.
- Website Hosting - A place for your website to live.
- Website Design - The look and feel of a website, navigation methods and links.
- Website Building - Bringing the design and content together, adding functionality and much more, to make your website.
- Support for your Website. - 24/7 support for your website. (Note: 'Free Hosing Sites' have optional support available. 'Paid Hosting Sites' have support included.)
- HobStar Guarantee - 30 day, money back guarantee

You won't find another service that provides all of these features from the one site. Often you will need to register your domain name from one site, setup your website on another and design/ build and manage your website yourself.

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Software R.I.S

Software Research & Implementation is the process of finding the right software package to streamline your unruly business practices. If you have identified areas of your business that that are slowing you and/ or your employees' productivity, then you need R.I.S. From warehouse managements software, POS (Point Of Sale) software to accounting and inventory software, whatever type of software your business needs, I will find the best for you.

The R.I.S Process

- Review current business practices and software
- Discuss what you hope to 'achieve' from the new software
- Find several 'best options' for the new software solution, ensuring that current system requirements are not exceeded
- Discuss which best suits your needs
- Provide live demonstration (when applicable)
- Implement the new software whilst minimizing downtime
- Train staff in using the new software
- Create and provide documentation
- Offer training guides
- Support the new software
- Implement updates

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Mind Maps

- Coming Soon.

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