Software R.I.S

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Software R.I.S

Software Research & Implementation is the process of finding the right software package to streamline your unruly business practices. If you have identified areas of your business that that are slowing you and/ or your employees' productivity, then you need R.I.S. From warehouse managements software, POS (Point Of Sale) software to accounting and inventory software, whatever type of software your business needs, I will find the best for you.

The R.I.S Process

- Review current business practices and software
- Discuss what you hope to 'achieve' from the new software
- Find several 'best options' for the new software solution, ensuring that current system requirements are not exceeded
- Discuss which best suits your needs
- Provide live demonstration (when applicable)
- Implement the new software whilst minimizing downtime
- Train staff in using the new software
- Create and provide documentation
- Offer training guides
- Support the new software
- Implement updates

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