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Welcome to my list of PC software that I personally have installed on my computer.

I love free stuff!! Who doesn't? Freeware is just that, free software. It is often created by small teams of developers or as a free version of a professional option for that same software. e.g ….

Open Source is even better than Freeware. It is often a fully functional piece of software that is completely free. There are even Open Source operating system and alternatives to programs like Microsoft Office. e.g ….

Please find below a list of (I believe) useful, fun or interesting software for you computer. All links used below are the same ones I have used to view or download these programs.

1. All programs listed are FREE to download and use and are full version of the programs. However, some of the programs also have a 'Paid Option' which means that you can pay money to have more features.
2. If you click on a 'Download Link' the program will start to downloand (or ask where to be saved depending on your browser settings)
3. Although I have used and tested each of these programs, it is your responsibility to protect your PC against threats and viruses. (See also AVG, SpyBot, Ad-aware)

Logo Software Category Pay 4 More? Description My Comments Screen Shot IMPORTANT NOTE My Rating Home Page Download Link
Coming Soon 7-Zip 4.57 File system No Archive files, full features Perfect for beginners or advanced Coming Soon None 4/5 7-Zip Sourceforge.net
Coming Soon Ad-Aware PC Protection Yes Real-time protection against spyware, trojans and more Perfect for beginners or advanced Coming Soon To keep your PC clean see also; AVG, SpyBot 4/5 Ad-Aware Cnet.com
Coming Soon AVG Free 8.0 PC Protection Yes Anti-Virus protection, scheduled scanning, web page risk rating Does what it's supposed to do Coming Soon To keep your PC clean see also; SpyBot, Ad-Aware 4/5 AVGFree Cnet
Coming Soon Belarc Advisor 7.2 PC Audit No Reports on PC Hardware and software Very useful for Tech or info to give to Techs Coming Soon None 3/5 Belarc Adviser Belarc
Coming Soon Ccleaner PC Maintenance No Removes unneeded files, cleans registry and uninstall programs Clean, simple, works great Coming Soon Check setting if you don't want to loose your web history 5/5 Ccleaner Filehippo
Coming Soon Everything Desktop Search No Can replaces the Windows Search function Still testing, sometimes crashes Coming Soon Still testing, sometimes crashes N/A Everything Everything
Coming Soon Fences Coming Soon
Coming Soon FreeMind Coming Soon
Coming Soon Google SketchUp Coming Soon
Coming Soon miniMIZE 1.0.24 Coming Soon
Coming Soon Mozilla Firefox (3.0.9) Coming Soon
Coming Soon My digital Diary 3.2c Coming Soon
Coming Soon OpenOffice.org 3.0 Coming Soon
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