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Support FAQ.

How To Get support?

1. Join this site
2. Go to the "Sign Up For Support" tab, fill in the form and click the [Submit] button.
3. Wait for your Support Membership details to be emailed to you.
4. Enter your Support Membership ID whenever prompted to.

Why Should I Pay For A 'Support Membership' Subscription?

Subscription Types
1 Year ($50)
2 Years ($90)
3 Years ($130)

As a 'Support Member' you will instantly gain access to;

  • The private 'HSCS Support Site' which is full of down loadable documentation, quick reference guides, solutions to common problems and much more.
  • Request a "How-To" do anything and I'll create a tutorial video for it.
  • Software and On-line support, where you can use your Support Credits' to receive PRIORITY help!

What is Support?

Any issue that can not be resolved on the HobStar CS forum.

Support can be given by installing CrossLoop and providing me with the 'Access Code.' This will allow me to connect to your PC and will also allow you to see what is being done.

What Does Support Cover?

• Optimising & Protection
• Clean Up & Virus Removal
• Data Recovery & New Hardware
• Much More…
Training and Turoring
• Using PCs
• Internet made easy
• Sharing photos
• Microsoft Office
• You name it, I'll teach it.

What Is A Support Pack?

Types Of Support?

What If An Issue Can't be Resolved?

More Questions? Enter a comment below. If you are a site member you will receive updates when new comments are posted. Alternatively, email me at moc.liamg|scratsboh#moc.liamg|scratsboh

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Software R.I.S

Software Research & Implementation is the process of finding the right software package to streamline your unruly business practices. If you have identified areas of your business that that are slowing you and/ or your employees' productivity, then you need R.I.S. From warehouse managements software, POS (Point Of Sale) software to accounting and inventory software, whatever type of software your business needs, I will find the best for you. The R.I.S Process - Review current business practices and software
- Discuss what you hope to 'achieve' from the new software
- Find several 'best options' for the new software solution, ensuring that current system requirements are not exceeded
- Discuss which best suits your needs
- Provide live demonstration (when applicable)
- Implement the new software whilst minimizing downtime
- Train staff in using the new software
- Create and provide documentation
- Offer training guides
- Support the new software
- Implement updates

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