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Quick access to the three main areas of HobStar Computing Solutions can be found below. For easy navigation between areas, use of the navigation bar is recommended.

Available for people in the Melbourne area.
Post questions and get answers or start open discussions.
Buy and use 'Support Credits' to have you PC fixed. Available world wide.

Small projects for creating new, or updating existing, logos. Personal, sporting, business, etc.
Banners & Ads
Website banners, web advertising, web elements and more
You think it and I'll create it

Free Hosted Wiki
$0 to host but has Wikdot name in URL.
Basic Hosted Wiki
Domain name and site hosting service.
Pro Hosted Wiki
Domain name and site hosting service with extra additional sites.

"Computing For Everyone"
The HobStar Mind Set
This web site has been created with several purposes;
  • As a portal for people who require any of my computer related services.
  • To create a clean and simple website that anyone can navigate.

I have two main philosophies regarding computers;

Coming Soon
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